Client: Subwich
Date: May 10, 2016
Services: App Design

Problem Statement

The digital ordering system of restaurants should aim to help each customer order their food quickly and efficiently. The process of ordering should be optimized for time efficiency, but also should be straightforward enough so that it can be easily understood by all customers.

However, most restaurants’ current mobile apps have confusing instructions and workflow. By wasting costumers’ time, they make the company less competitive, and by contributing to a slow ordering process, they create an unfavorable brand image.



Provide and easy-to-use and enjoyable experience of food ordering.


Features personal profile with the ability to save customized food for future reordering.

Payment Options

Customers will be able to choose whether to pay in advance or pay in store.

Competitive Analysis


Customers cannot view the menu if the store is currently closed. The application does not have the feature of saving favorite items.


The application's graphic style is outdated, but it has voice ordering feature. The workflow is smooth although it is not visually appealing.

Burger King

The graphics are nice and bold, however, it is hard to find out how to order an item from the application. It does not support the feature of saving items for reordering.

Trend Research (Conclusion)

A lot of applications reviewed do not require customers to sign in first before viewing the menu; however, many of them do not have the feature of saving specific items for reordering in the future.

There are nice features in each application reviewed, but very little have both appealing visuals and smooth workflow at the same time. This is a place for opportunity, where food ordering can be a delightful experience.


Flow Chart

App Design


Design Document

other projects


Taiwanese aborigines are facing the same situation as Native Americans in USA. Their land and rights were taken from them long time ago and they are raising their voice to fight back now. I was thinking, how can I use design to raise awareness? Non-profit organizations often time can only reach certain people who already care about the topic. What about designing for a product? Plus, who does not like a little alcohol involved ;-) People can be attracted to the wine itself or the design first, then become curious about the story and the cause behind it. This way, it opens up opportunities to reach out to audiences who wouldn’t be connected otherwise.

Date: March 2016
Services: Identity / Motion / Website


This is a project I made out of paper for a 3D Design class. I adore the sim­plic­ity of geo­met­ric sculp­tures. The ele­gant lines and clean shapes com­bine to form a del­i­cate sophistication. The process of mak­ing this sculp­ture was a bit con­fus­ing since there were many dif­fer­ent ways of con­nect­ing each side. Even after mark­ing every­thing, there is still a great chance that things can go wrong. Details as small as tap­ing one side to the right or left, on top or at the bot­tom could change the whole plan.

I used two tex­tures in this project. One of them was to cut the paper with a dull knife from inside to cre­ate a rip­ping effect. The other was to tape tis­sues to the sur­face and then tear them off so that only a few thin lay­ers remain on the sculpture.

KETWORD Plane, Texture & Level


Sandwich Farm
Client: Mister Donut
Date: January 8, 2016
Services: CD packaging / Merchandise design

Alfred Hitchcock Film Festival
Client: Alfred Hitchcock Film Festival
Date: March 6, 2016
Services: Poster / Motion Graphics

Avengers Award

The Avengers Award is the highest honor at Next Jump, a multi-nation e-commerce company. As an intern, I had the pleasure to design a dedicated magazine which distributed to hundreds of people at Next Jump’s largest event in July 2016 in New York.

Client: Next Jump
Date: July 15, 2016
Services: Editorial Design

Study Abroad
Client: University of Rochester
Date: September 20, 2016
Services: Motion Graphics

Client: Subwich
Date: May 10, 2016
Services: App Design

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